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People in Western countries spend 90 % of their time indoors nowadays. Clean indoor air has been proven to play an important role when it comes to work and study related performance and comfort. Indoor air has also a significant part in overall health.

Indoor air issues and problems have become a mainstream talking point, but we think that it’s time to talk about the solutions: Indoor Air Wellbeing (IAW). For us at Fixcel, indoor air wellbeing consists of not just clean respiratory air, but also of the space created for its suitable purpose.

We provide people healthy and safe indoor environment with innovative and ecological, clean indoor air buildings. Our goal is to enhance health, good architecture and cityscape by offering quality building and comfort.

Our FIXCEL® HealthySpace clean indoor air building solutions are based on a Finnish innovation, FIXCEL® steel cell that is stable but light, both mould and chemical free. It is also totally recyclable, and it provides excellent energy efficiency. The factory-manufactured, modular HealthySpace buildings fulfill all the requirements for permanent buildings.

FIXCEL® HealthySpace buildings are always designed on clean indoor air terms. We can determine the composition of indoor climate in our buildings in chemical precision. We know all the materials we use and how they react together in the same space – meaning that all the emissions and their combined effects are known and under control. We monitor the indoor climate of our buildings constantly to make sure that the indoor air is good during the whole lifespan of the building.

We also design our building to be fully functional and adaptable. That means that HealthySpace buildings can be altered, moved from one place to another and made bigger or smaller. Our building solution is healthy for the users but also can react to environmental changes like urbanisation and movement of population. In order to make sure our buildings are appropriate for their use, our design team includes experts from many fields like medicine, pedagogy and space planning.

Our clients include cities and municipalities, schools, hospitals, clinics, senior living facilities, office buildings, and apartments.

Fixcel is a 100 % Finnish company and all our buildings are manufactured in Finland.